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Frequently Asked Questions

Sippd Wine Club

How It Works

+ How does the Sippd Wine Club work?
+ Can I skip or postpone a club shipment?
+ I want to customize my shipment. How do I swap a wine?
+ How much does it cost to join the Sippd Wine Club?
+ Help! I’m having trouble with my account
+ How do I rate or keep track of the bottles I receive?
+ Can I purchase the wines without a membership?
+ What type of wines do you carry?

Billing & Shipping

+ How much will I be charged for shipping?
+ Which states can you ship to?
+ I’ve been charged for my Sippd Wine Club shipment. When can I expect my box?
+ How do I update my shipping address?
+ What happens if I miss my Sippd Wine Club delivery?
+ When can I expect to be billed for my Sippd Wine Club shipments?

Changing & Canceling Your Subscription

+ How do I cancel my Sippd Wine Club membership?
+ How can I make changes to my Sippd Wine Club membership?
+ How do I reactivate my Sippd Wine Club membership?

My Orders

+ I really enjoyed a wine you sent me previously. How can I reorder it?
+ What if I don’t like any of the wines you’ve sent me? Can I get a refund?
+ What do I do if my wine is damaged or a bottle appears to be missing?
+ I forgot to lock in the wines placed in my next box. What happens next?