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Know if you’ll like the wine before you order it with Sippd’s restaurant Wine List Scanner.

How It Works

Scan any restaurant wine list to see how each wine matches your palate! See ratings and instant wine information, then pick the right glass (or bottle) for you.

Scan the wine list
Scan the wine list

Head to the Camera to snap a photo of any wine list

View wine details
View wine details

Compare community ratings, tasting notes, food pairings, and more

Track as you taste
Track as you taste

Rate the wine, write private notes, and keep track of your tastings

See how each wine matches your palate

The higher your 1-100% personalized wine score (what we call Taste Match) is to 100%, the more the wine aligns to your unique palate.

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Learn about each wine

Compare each wine on the list in seconds. Check out community ratings, grape types, food pairings and the wine’s tasting notes to order the best wine for you.

Order a bottle for the table

Tell us who you’re dining with to combine taste profiles and see which bottle we recommend the group to share based on everyone’s taste preferences.

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Track as you taste

Rate the wine then jot down aromas, flavors or where you enjoyed the bottle in your private notes. Sippd automatically keeps track of the wines you rate, helping you never forget the bottles you love.