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Scan, Rate, and Track Your Sips

Know if you’ll like the wine before you buy it with Sippd’s Bottle Label Scanner.

How It Works

Scan any wine label to see instant wine information and pick the right wine for you.

Scan the wine label
Scan the wine label

Head to the Camera to snap a photo of any wine bottle label

View wine details
View wine details

See tasting notes, food pairings, community ratings, and more

Track as you taste
Track as you taste

Rate the wine, write private notes, and keep track of your tastings

See how the wine matches your palate

We’ll also give you a 1-100% personalized wine score (what we call Taste Match) to each bottle you scan. The higher your score is to 100%, the more the wine aligns to your unique palate.

Find wines for your palate Sippd
View wine details scanner

Track as you taste

Rate the wine then jot down aromas, flavors or where you enjoyed the bottle in your private notes. Sippd automatically keeps track of the wines you scan and rate, helping you never forget the bottles you love.

Refine your taste profile

Our AI learns more about your taste preferences with every wine you rate. The more you rate, the more accurate your recommendations become!

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