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Ever experienced wine anxiety?

Returning from a girls' trip, my then-girlfriend, now wife, found herself inadvertently playing sommelier every meal. Accustomed to my guidance during our dinners, she felt lost when left to select wines alone, especially when all eyes were on her as she was declared the person to select a bottle for the table! Her desire for a digital companion to aid her in these moments sparked an idea, leading to the inception of Sippd.

Our goal was simple yet ambitious: to make the selection of wine as effortless as enjoying the wine itself. Navigating the maze of wine choices to suit everyone's taste, pair well with meals, fit the budget, and remember past favorites was a challenge we were determined to tackle. Thus, Sippd was born - an AI-powered platform that personalizes wine recommendations based on your unique preferences and past selections.

The journey of creating Sippd involved months of diligent research, design, and refinement. With the support of an extremely talented team, we turned our vision into a reality. Gone are the days of blind guessing or settling for less-than-perfect bottles. With Sippd, your next delightful wine experience is just a tap away.

Traditional wine selection, whether in restaurants, stores or online, can be overwhelming and tedious. We believe that choosing wine shouldn't feel like a high-stakes gamble. Sippd is designed to alleviate these pressures. Our AI-driven platform learns about your palate preferences based on a short palate-assessment-quiz, recommending wines that match your taste profile perfectly.

Sippd's offerings extend beyond wine selection. We also provide food pairing suggestions for each bottle, elevating your dining experience. Plus, with Sippd, you can save your favorite wines and get notified when they're being offered at unbeatable prices.

Ready to transform your wine journey? Let's pop the cork and start the fun with Sippd!


Blake Hershey,

CEO and Co-Founder of Sippd

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Sippd Wine Club

Every month or quarter, we'll acquaint you with great wines from around the globe by delivering a specially-curated box of bottles that align with your individual taste preferences. For first-time club members, we offer 50% off your first box!

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